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We’ve been in software development business since 2012 and have assisted our partners in many industries, be this automotive, manufacturing or retail, attack their business goals and address their challenges by enabling and evolving technology innovation.

Who We Are

At Primal Infosys, we believe there is a well of untapped potential in every organization. Our mission is to work with you to realize and achieve it with the latest web and mobile technologies and best UX Design and engineering practices available.

Our Vision

We aim to significantly contribute to more than 100 industry revolutions over the course of the next 25 years. The end result is a network of entrepreneurial organizations that have taken the lead in their industry through innovative and disruptive technology.

Our Mission

We partner with leaders to uncover the dormant potential within their organizations and empower them to achieve that potential through technology, delivered reliably with exemplary service and support.

Our Values

While many values are a given in business, we hold these core values especially dear because they demonstrate the ‘CAN DO’ attitude that underpins everything we do.

Our History